Next Library Festival 2017
EIFL Public Library Innovation Programme team members and six scholarship winners to take part in this conference on public libraries and innovation in the 21st century

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Event Date: 11 Jun 2017 - 14 Jun 2017
Aarhus, Denmark

EIFL public Library Innovation Programme (EIFL-PLIP) team members will participate in the Next Library Festival 2017, which takes place in Aarhus’s award-winning Dokk1 library building.

Also attending will be six lucky public librarians who have won an EIFL/Aarhus Public Libraries scholarship to take part in the festival. The names of scholarship winners will be announced in January 2017 - watch the EIFL website for details!

The festival is organized by Aarhus Public Libraries in collaboration with participants, partners and sponsors. It brings together forward-thinking library professionals, innovators and decision-makers from around the world – people who are pushing boundaries and making changes to support learning in the 21st century.

The Next Library Festival 2017 themes are Rethink: Literacy/The Learning Library/Emerging Trends/Community Engagement and Democracy/Strategic Partnerships/Design Thinking/Play.