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30 Mar 2017
On 15 March 2017, EIFL Copyright and Libraries Programme Manager Teresa Hackett joined a panel discussion at the European Parliament in Strasbourg (...)
rows of book shelves in a library
14 Feb 2017
In 2016, libraries globally were set to spend 30 billion USD on books, journals, databases and other information resources, mostly paid from (...)
18 Jan 2017
European Commission proposals for European Union (EU) copyright reform are entering a crucial phase as they come under the scrutiny of co-decision (...)
17 Jan 2017
A joint statement by EIFL, IFLA and EBLIDA urges European Union (EU) governments not to go back on the deal negotiated in Marrakesh that aims to (...)
03 Jan 2017
EIFL was an active participant during negotiations over five years at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) that led to the adoption (...)
a braille screen reader
16 Dec 2016
Plans by the European Commission (EC) to implement the Marrakesh Treaty for persons with print disabilities comprise two legislative proposals in (...)
06 Dec 2016
Inter-library document supply, or document delivery, is an essential service that enables researchers and scholars to access material such as (...)